Welcome to my web site

Carlos Alves Lopes

The reconstruction of the site in 2008 had the objective to recover the old pages of Epigrafia Latina, edited in 2006, and to open a new historical theme dedicated to the period of the Great War (1914-1919).

For this period it is our aim to gather thematic information on events and experiences related to war, to convey another vision of the historical moment now that we are celebrating its Centenary.

So it is within this unfinished work that we do the treatment of themes as vast as the problem of prisoners of war, the worship of the dead, or material issues such as the evolution of science in the field of military aviation and submarine weapon, among others possibilities.

For those interested in learning more about Portuguese contemporary military history, early 20th century, or to have clues to research on the Portuguese Army and Navy in the period, you can find on this site a starting point.

After 10 years since the beginning of this thematic site we are convinced to have contributed to the dissemination of the National Military History and expanded the traditional field of study.

The new field of Military History goes beyond the rise and destruction of great powers and the study of noncombatants, from diplomacy for peace to strategies and doctrines, from war propaganda to arms and intelligence in a study without geographical borders and from ancestors times to this day.

What is new is the interest in the field of international history and a move from the center of the historical perspective from the West towards the East and the incorporation of the study of politics, economy, society and culture as dimensions of war.

There is a special interest in exploiting conflicts and inter-state relations as a way of specializing the study of war and gaining a true global perspective across Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East.